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Australian Society & Culture

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Course Title: Australian Society & Culture

Presenter: Associate Professor Zhang Hua


The course Australian Society and Culture  presents an overview of Australia that enables students to have a good understanding of this country from a global perspective. Moreover, the use of documentaries, films and selected reading materials in class, helps students strengthen their English proficiency.


Australia is one of the world’s oldest landmasses and has been populated by human beings for an estimated 60,000 years. Australia’s particular history determines its defining characteristics as a culture It has become a country of multiple cultures. China is Australia’s largest trading partner while Australia is China’s eighth largest trading partner. The economies of the two sides are complimentary. A deep understanding of Australia in politics, economy and culture can help us learn from the experiences of Australian progress and share Australian multiculturalism. As a key point of multiculturalism, the course aims to increase students’ abilities in terms of cross-cultural sensitivity, awareness and embracing cultural differences in order to broaden international horizon and vision. In the present age of globalization, cross-cultural awareness and embracing differences are vital qualities for a modern  citizen in the 21st century

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